Renaissance Conservatories has designed & engineered this skylight to meet all of North Amercia's Building Codes.


  • Mahogany interior
  • Metal-flashed Exterior
  • Installation Flashing & Anchor Kit
  • Engineered Cad Drawing

Clear Guardian Neutral-70 hard-coat Low-E tempered safety glass outboard lite, (Surfacte #2). Bronze aluminum air spacer with captured desiccant. High performance inert Argon gas cavity-fill. Clear heat-stregthened laminated safety glass inboard lite. Winter / Night Time U-Value = 0.30 Summer / Daytime U-Value = 0.30 Heat-gain Coefficient = 0.61

* Note: Pricing is for the skylight that is illustrated in the attached image.  The skylight conforms to the dimensions that are depicted on the drawing.  The Size of the Skylight, or model number reflects the finished exterior of the skylight.  The skylight is sized so that it may be mounted on a (2x6 or 2x4) flat curb. The curb layout will be depicted on the shop drawings, and presented to the buyer prior to manufacturing the skylight. The buyer is responsible for making the curb dimensionally correct, square, and level prior to installing the skylight.  A installation techinician supervisor can be on-site to consult and assist in installing the skylight for an additional fee, if deemed necessary. To purchase this skylight the buyer must select the option for the skylight to be "Framed, Glazed and Clad" prior to shipment.




  • Item #: EHS8X10

E - 8' x 10' Hipped Skylight

Price: $15,885.00
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